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Selections from Sacred, Each One

E.D. Laningham 2007

Music E.D. Laningham

Private Music Tutorial

piano, saxaphone, guitar, percussion, voice

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Arkansas. 

I have 25 years of experience in private instruction. 

I teach beginning to advanced, both adult and children

Lessons focus on theory, composition, improvisation, aural perception, and technique. Exploration of elements of style 

$20 for 30 min    ~    $40 for 1 hour

Private Math Tutorial

Elementary through College Level Algebra & Calculus

$30 for 1 hour

Commissioned Works 

I accept commissions to compose music for milestone events-

Lullabies for newborns

Service music for Weddings and Memorials 

Romantic etudes for Anniversaries and special occasions  $150

Includes sheet music and CD recording

Allow 4-6 weeks for completion

Live Performance

I play a wide variety of venues, from churches to jazz clubs, 

university concert halls to intimate coffee houses. 

My range of style spans classical, jazz, blues, & contemporary.

Receptions ~ Private Parties 

$100 per set

Sets are 1 hr blocks consisting of approximately 

12 songs (50 min) and a 10 min break 

$50 ~ equipment/setup fee if keyboard and amp are required


$150 ~ standard wedding 

( includes consultation, rehearsal, 10 min. prelude music, processional and recessional )

$25 ~ each additional instrumental 

$50 ~ each vocal song 

( includes one hour rehearsal with vocalist )

$50 ~ equipment/setup fee if keyboard and amp are required 

Workshops on Music Therapy

For the past few years, I have been traveling around the region giving a 3 or 6 hour workshop on Music Therapy. Often organizations, such as churches or educational institutions, will book an afternoon workshop with a live concert that evening. The basic elements of the workshop include a brief history of music as medicine, seven musical elements and their physical /psychological impact on the body /mind and how to apply this therapeutic knowledge in a variety of settings to benefit both individuals and groups. This information is applicable to a wide range of healing professions - massage therapy, counseling, ministry, nursing, hospice, etc.


3 hr ~ $75 per person 6 hr ~ $145 per person plus travel & lodging




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