"White Lotus offers Artists, Patrons Needed Outlet"from FFW

"Ask a Pro" feature articles from "The Northwest Arkansas Times"     

Is there a safe way to remove unwanted hair without harsh chemicals?     

What is Vibroacoustic Therapy and what are the benefits?     

What, exactly, does "sulfate free" mean and is it a good thing?

"Find it in Fayetteville" feature articles from the "Fayetteville Free Weekly"     

Unique gifts for Mother's Day     

Hair Removal with Sugaring     

BioMat: Heat that Heals     

The Colors of Italy     

Unique Opportunity for Talented Stylist     

Improve Health, Wellness and Beauty     

White Lotus Celebrates Fifth Anniversary     

White Lotus Welcomes Barry Langford

Web Articles by Linda Scogin    

Going Green   

Healing BioMat    

Vibroacoustic Therapy

Sound Medicine from Northwest Arkansas Times - September 26, 2010   


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Businesses Branching Out from Arkansas Democrat Gazette -  March 28, 2010   



Cindy Arsaga's Art Reception Photo from NWA Times - October 11, 2009

Women with a Message Art Reception from NWA Times - August 30,2009

Jan Bruton Art Reception  from NWA Times - August 9, 2009

Dabney Rose Botanics from The Ozark Star - May 2009

Dabney Rose "It's in the Air" from Arkansas Democrat Gazette - March 17, 2009   

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Karl Killian Art Exhibit from The Morning News - January 23, 2009 

"Good Vibrations" Vibroacoustic article from Peekaboo Magazine - March 2008

"Spahh Struck" article from CitiScapes Magazine - February 2008   

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Vibroacoutic Therapy - story from 40/29 news, January 3, 2008(Clicking the link above will take you to the video page for 40/29 -  You will need to select "Older than 30 days" from the drop down menu, then search for "Sound Wave Therapy")

Alice Lynn Greenwood Art  from The Morning News - November 30, 2007

Art at White Lotus from The Morning News - August 10, 2007

Alice Lynn Greenwood Art from Fayetteville Free Weekly - May 3, 2007

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